Systematic product development, Quality by Design courses, consulting services and analytical training for biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device industries.
QbD provides guidance to facilitate design of products and processes that maximize the product’s efficacy and safety profile while enhancing product manufacturability and control.
QbD training curriculum is available for on-site or web based training for your company or organization worldwide.
We offer a complete suite of consulting services uniquely tailored to meet customer specific needs, including quality risk management, study design, analysis, report generation and other Quality by Design Related Tasks.
We offer QbD training in either English or Mandarin Chinese all throughout the globe.
We offer consulting services in either English or Mandarin Chinese all throughout the globe.
Articles written by Dr. Thomas A. Little and others on various aspects of statistical methods, product development, validation and process control.
Our tools are used by numerous companies to aid and support various aspects of product development, problem solving, data analysis and risk assessment.
Companies who actively use Quality by Design concepts and Thomas A. Little Consulting as a technical and training resource.
Thomas A. Little Consulting (TLC) is an internationally recognized scientific and engineering consulting firm with a proven record for achieving results.
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